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Venturing is an exciting new co-educational program for young men and  women ages 14 through 20.   The program is designed to allow a group of youth pursue interests that are relevant to them within a program that provides structure with flexibility; excitement with security; and fun with safety.  The Venturers do this within a small club-like group called a "crew".  The crew has a president and other officers that run the organization, much like you would run any other school or church organization.

For example, most Venturing crews nationally are interested in high adventure activities such as backpacking, climbing, whitewater paddling, caving and scuba diving.  The Venturing BSA program provides a program for the safe exploration of these high adventure activities with proper training and supervision.

Not all Venturing crews want to focus solely on high adventure fun.  Some crews pursue interests related to their religious beliefs, sports, hobbies or boating.  There is a lot of flexibility.

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