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Junior Leader Training Conference Facts

What is the Conference?

The junior leader training conference is a seven-day outdoor experience for boy leaders in support of the Scoutmaster's responsibility for the training of troop junior leaders. It is conducted by the council leadership training committee using an outline approved by the Boy Scout Division of the Boy Scouts of America.

What is Its Purpose?

Scouting recognizes that Scoutmasters have the responsibility of training their own junior leaders. The purpose of the junior leader training conference is not to assume that role, but to support it. The objectives of the conference are:

Who May Attend?

Each conference participant must be a First Class Scout, 13 years old, and currently filling a leadership position in the troop as senior patrol leader or assistant senior patrol leader, or likely to assume one of these positions soon.

Is the Home Scoutmaster Involved?

The conference is intended to strengthen the relationship between the junior leader and his Scoutmaster. Scoutmasters must attend a special orientation session on the eleven skills of leadership. This is not required if the Scoutmaster has Wood Badge training. An after-conference session will be conducted for the Scoutmaster and the junior leaders on how to use their new skills.

Is Any Special Equipment Needed?

An equipment list will be sent to each participant as soon as the troop's reservation is received. Most Scouts participating in an active troop outdoor program should have the necessary equipment. There are no special uniform requirements but each participant should see that badges and insignia are properly placed and that the uniform is worn correctly.

Where Can We Get More Information?

Additional information can be obtained from the Quapaw Council Service Center, 501-664-4780.

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